MICHELLE O'NEILL, is widely known by her clients as the ‘go to’ for eyebrows shaping, bikini wax, and her knowledge in skin and body matter. For the past three decades, Michelle has taken pride in perfecting the discreet and delicate art of an intimate wax. Focusing on the unique needs of an individual, she has worked with top notch celebrities from Rene Zellweger to Penelope Cruz, from managers to assistants alike. Michelle's is often referred to as a 'girls club'; you never know who you’ll meet or run into, at her salon. She allows each person to cultivate their smart and sassy sides, while always keeping things confidential.

Michelle has always been a lover of refined art and beauty. She grew up in Romania, immediately surrounded by the rich culture of her family, friends and country. At 14, she began her official plunge into beauty, when she cut her father’s hair. Her talent was natural, and her family knew it. With their love and support, she channeled and practiced her passion any way she could; eventually leading her to study this art in college. Here she learned that it wasn’t just a matter of being good, it was a matter of using your craft to become an expert.

After working at Wela Wela salon for five years in Bucharest, her home town, Michelle and her family moved in the US in the 90s. Here in Los Angeles is where she decide to take her refine skills and knowledge to Beverly Hills. Michelle not only became known for helping you look great, but feel great as well. Her expertise grew and her attention to detail and "tell-it-like-it-is" attitude, quickly drew people to her. Encouraged by her growing buzz and unrelenting passion for beauty, Michelle opened her own boutique salon 'MICHELLE BEVERLY HILLS' in 2007. Her talent was recognized by Vanity Fair, In Style, Marie Claire and Allure magazine for her 'specialties bikini waxes and eyebrow shaping'. Inspired by high demand, in 2013 she opened her own eyebrow line.

Soon to come, she will be expanding her skills by launching her unique, organic body line. As she has risen to the top of her field, Michelle O'Neill is thrilled to dedicate her time to promote inner beauty while she enhances the outer beauty of her clients, through organic ingredients, to create a relaxing and unforgettable experience for the mind, body and soul. Michelle continues to look forward to the future of skin and body care and what her remarkable work can bring to this industry.


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